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17 June 2008 @ 12:06 am
First strike for Ninomiya Kazunari's 25th birthday ^_^

One of my favorite interviews he did, translation for part of 0704 Popolo Nino's 5 Wishes of a Rich Man.

Arashi Maniac Best 5! Ninomiya Kazunari
"Gorgeous experience that really must try" Best 5!

1. Buying 10,000 yen worth of chewing gum at the convenience store.
Everyone must have thought of this "Ah if I were rich that'll be so good".
This time let me tell everyone the things I would do if I became a rich man.
Firstly, a really rich person should not be carrying coins on his body.
The wallet should only have 10,000 yen notes and nothing else (laughs).
So, using 10,000 yen to buy a piece of 10 yen chewing gum, that will look like a rich man ne?
Going to the neighbourhood convenience store... Don't they have those 10 yen very normal snacks?
Feel like buying 10,000 yen worth ne (laughs).
Then the store assistants will be so stunned, feel like experiencing it once ne, to satisfy myself (laughs).

2. Buy lottery and win no matter what.
Actually each year, the year end big scale lottery I will buy.
Buy around 10,000 yen amount, and when it is draw date would check immediately.
But, sadly, most of the times I never strike (bitter laugh).
The money wasted is wasted... The lottery ticket that never won is a sad thing ah.
So, if I become a rich man, will buy lottery amounting to almost the price amount.
And then win, really want to try this ne, if win, really will be very happy.
Money is very important so winning is meaningful.
Because spending money like water like this is really a luxury(negative way) thing ne.

3. Going to high-end shops and say "From here all the way till there."
Previously on Shukudaikun, the guest was Maria chan from Sereb Talent.
That time, we spoke about her father.
When he visits high-end branded shops, he points to the goods and says, "From here all the way till there."
That is how he shops.
That's what I meant!! With this idea
If one is not rich it is totally impossible to do it.
Ah this is not bad ah, I feel like trying it once too.
Those stuff that I don't need can also buy alot, clothes that I've never tried can buy alot too (laughs).
And then can distribute them as gifts to friends to my heart's content~
"This shirt I've never worn it, it suits you just take it!" Saying this will make me very cool?

4. A bed made of 10,000 yen notes.
This idea is abit usual... No matter what still want to see how many notes are required to make this ne.
Sounds totally like something from a comic book (laughs).
But last time I heard of it, one thousand 10,000 notes if you roll them up can be made into money beds ne.
In reality it will not be a hygienic sleep (laughs).
And whether it is stable or not would be a problem.
So, lets just make a pillow (laughs).
This is out of reality.
But because of the wish...
Words out of a fantasy world ne!

5. 1 million savings would immediately be full.
Depositing 500 yen, 500 yen, slowly each time finally it'll be a full 1 million savings account isn't it?
I've been doing this for two years already ne...
In order to save everyday... Specially set aside 500 yen worth of change daily.
It's quite tough... Totally didn't manage to save (laughs).
Still so far from 1 million ne...
So, wish is to be able to see a one-time deposit that hits 1 million~!
That is my dream (laughs).
And also dreamt that I competed with friends to see who can reach that savings amount first... Competition...
When I went to the bank, 500 yen turned into 1 million yen immediately
In the dream I declared, "I won!" (laughs).

Ah Nino-chan~ My wish for you is that you get richer and richer by the day, and hit your millionaire wish soon (if you have then billionaire), and please be baseball buddies with Aiba-chan forever and keep your love with Oh-chan sweet~ ♥♥♥

If I were rich, I would be planning for Fukuoda Dome, Shanghai, Taipei, Korea and .... AHHH I were rich I'd buy JStorm. Ok that's it.
sha_lalalasha_lalala on June 16th, 2008 12:37 pm (UTC)
Buying JStorm!
That's a good idea!